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Truly Natural Bath & Repellent Creations for Dogs and  Horses

          The TRULY Natural Pet Products Line                                    Natural Tick Repellent-Natural Dog Shampoos- Natural Fly & Gnat Repellent for Horses

Welcome to Best Friend Botanicals...Hand crafted, all natural, cleansing, healing and repellent products for your dogs and horses. All our creations have been vet supervised through formulation and testing. All essential oils we use are canine and equine safe and we avoid 'questionable' essential oils which may cause skin reactions or respiratory reactions (such as tea tree and wintergreen; citronella or pennyroyal) or that are toxic to children or other animals who touch or lick the fur of an animal using our products.

Our product line is made exclusively from theraputic grade essential oils, all natural sulfate free base oils and shampoos and theraputic grade distilled organic flower essences along with herbal infusions.Some of our oils and essences are made here on the farm from organically grown herbs and flowers, while others are purchased from larger grower/producers we source as the demand for our line continues to grow.

All our products are skillfully blended by a highly experienced blender/distillers and pH balanced for canines or equines. Our Sweet Relief G-naturally is also patented.

**WHOLESALE INQUIRIES: We welcome you to ask your favorite pet boutique, tack shop, gift shop or any interesting stores that carry healthy, environmenatlly friendly products to contact us about purchasing wholesale by 6/12/ or 24 case size of any of our creations. Contact our main office at 610.326.8151 est and we can direct you to a regional sales rep for our line or help you immediately..OR go to our NATIONAL SALES REPS page on this site and call our rep in your territory across the USA and Canada

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All our products were created for our own dogs and horses and we know you love and care for the health and well being of your Best Friends as much as we do for ours.

Thanks! Send us your success stories and photos after trying our Best Friend Botanicals !